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PRESENT:    Cllrs. J Bennett, Mrs Sue Chambers, D Down, D Giles, P Harris, M Squire and P Yates-Round  (Chairman)

                        Sue Mountstevens, Police and Crime Commissioner

                        District Councillor Nigel Ashton

                        Rob Thomson, North Somerset Council Highways

                        James Aldred, Wildlife Cameraman & Community Tree Warden     

                        David Fish, Senior Engineer and Consultant

                        Colin Denton, Secretary, Avon Model Aero Radio Club                              

                        Mrs C Dixon, Parish Clerk

                        20 parishioners


Following refreshments, Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.


1. APOLOGIES: Mr and Mrs Redway.


2. MINUTES OF 2015 ANNUAL ASSEMBLY – Following the Minutes having been distributed at the meeting, Mr Borland proposed and it was all agreed that they be signed off. 


3. CHAIRMAN’S REPORT – Cllr Yates-Round welcomed the re-opening of the White Hart public house, which it was feared could have been closed and redeveloped.  Parishioners and North Somerset Council were thanked for supporting it

Gordano Greenway –A detailed plan needs to be put in place.  Funding is being sought from local authorities.  There are 1200 people on Facebook in support of the Greenway.  70 volunteers already signed up. 

Defibrillator – Cllr Yates-Round thanked the community for supporting its purchase and Cllr David Giles for liaising with Portishead Lions and turning the ex-BT public phone box into its “house”.  Also there was training in first aid and Kim Davey from the Ambulance Service, who supplied this, will attend the village fete for more training.   

SpeedwatchSpeed through the village is far too high.  Concern about fast lorries using the B3124 when M5 closed.  Increase in police undertaking speedwatch.  New Cllr Mike Squire is pushing initiative for Speedwatch and his idea for signs at either end of the village giving details of how many motorists are reported to police for speeding has certainly helped and he was thanked for his work.  There was concern that police only send out letters to those speeding motorists noted as travelling over 35mph.  Cars parking on the B3124 slow down drivers through the village.

Conclusion – Cllr Yates-Round thanked those for their work that benefits the community.

He thanked the Councillors and Clerk.  He also thanked Trevor Brown, who stood down as Councillor, for his work over the years and welcomed Mike Squire as a new Councillor.      


4. “QUESTION TIME” - Cllr Yates-Round introduced the panel comprising of Sue Mountstevens, Police and Crime Commissioner; District Councillor Nigel Ashton; Rob Thomson, North Somerset Council Highways; James Aldred, Wildlife Cameraman & Community Tree Warden; David Fish, Senior Engineer and Consultant and Colin Denton, Secretary, Avon Model Aero Radio Club.

Given the increase in speed through the village, how will North Somerset Council and the Police try to

reduce this?  


4. “QUESTION TIME” (Continued)

Rob Thomson replied suggesting putting 20mph limit through the village and rumble strips, but suggested waiting to see how this works at Clapton in Gordano.  Parishioner asked about timescale for feasibility study at Clapton and was advised that there will be a review in six and 12 months’ time.  Flashing signs can make some drivers exceed speed, trying to test how fast they can go.

Comment from parishioner that reduction in speed and speed humps can make for more pollution.

There is no safe pathway at Portishead end of the village.  Parishioner asked about hatched areas.  These should not be driven on, but drivers regularly do so.  Following suggestion of having a pavement at the “narrows” by Steppe Cottage, Cllr Nigel Ashton advised that there is no money in the budget to undertake this. There was concern about pedestrians crossing the road and cars mounting the pavement in the “narrows” by the Village Hall. Suggestion of a kerb, pavement and raised area.   Concern about emergency vehicles driving fast through village.   Sue Mountstevens advised that police driver training convoys have now stopped using the B3124 through the village.  Traffic volumes across the area have increased.   Cllr Squire advised the flashing 30mph sign recorded 2,000 vehicles as going through the village in one day.    

Parishioner advised that in Germany, cartoons of a footballer and children playing are a good warning to drivers.  Concern that speed could devalue properties in the village.  A fatality due to a traffic accident can cost £lm.  Rob Thomson offered to work with the parish council to try and solve the problem.   James Aldred and Cllrs. Squire and Giles will form a sub-committee to take this forward.


Can North Somerset Council help get the Gordano Greenway to move forward?

David Fish has been working with Cllr Yates-Round on Gordano Greenway group.  He advised it had taken 4.5 years to get a 7km cycleway from Brean to Weston Super Mare and believed Gordano Greenway was on course.  Cllr Yates-Round seeking funding from Portishead Council and local businesses. Funding from Portishead and Clevedon Councils required to get engineering reports to push this forward. (this could then open up ways for funding nationally).   Avon Wildlife Trust is supportive.  Cllr Yates-Round detailed problems facing Gordano Greenway.  Some tenant farmers against giving up land.  Cllr Ashton said the district council is very supportive of the Greenway project (but cannot contribute financially – 61% of net budget goes to vulnerable adults and children) and it will be one of various cycleways across the area.   In response to a parishioner’s comment that he had not seen anyone using the cycleway by Abbots Leigh, Sue Mountstevens advised she uses it regularly.   Concern about cyclists’ speed trials on B3124 and frustrated motorists held up behind cyclists.  Discussion on cycling generally, about using the cycleway, cyclists riding two a-breast and not wearing helmets.


Colin Denton of AMARC advised that there is more activity on the model aircraft site following resurfacing.   There are no leaks from the site.  The newly levelled site could be used as a recreational area with possible use for events.  There will be an open weekend on 4th/5th June – everyone welcome to see what they do.

The British Model Flying Association now has rules and regulations in force. AMARC is running a drone awareness campaign on 26th June.  Parishioner advised that Cadbury Lane is in a poor state with potholes following lorries using the lane for importation of soil.  The second part of the lane (Weston Drove) is in a particularly poor state. There was discussion about this.  Mr Denton said he would arrange for the contractors to put this right.  There was discussion on the general use of drones, the use of rules and privacy issues.  Mr Denton advised that there will be training for using drones, but only within the site area every week.  He asked parishioners to let AMARC know if there are any noise issues.        



What is the District Council doing about Broadband?  There have been meetings with North Somerset Council.  Weston in Gordano cannot be part of the scheme for businesses.  District Council working with BT to improve provision of Broadband, but BT taking time to put it in.   All promises from the Government, but some businesses in village and there is nothing happening.   North Somerset Council talking with other suppliers to try and by-pass BT.  Village is in business zone, but BT not doing anything.  Cllr Yates-Round asked why pressure cannot be put on BT to put in Broadband and what can be done?   District Cllr Nigel Ashton advise he has a dedicated employee working on this with BT.


Cllr Yates-Round thanked the panel for participating and for the parishioners attending and asking questions.    


Meeting closed at 9.35 p.m.