Clerk:  Mrs C Dixon                                                                           3 Black Rock Villas

Tel: Portishead (01275) 849200                                                         Clevedon Road


                                                                                                            BS20 8PN



PRESENT:    Cllrs.  Mrs S Chambers, D Down, D Giles, P Harris

                       2 parishioners

                       Jennifer Fawcet-Thorne, North Somerset Council Parish Liaison Officer

                       Mrs C Dixon, Parish Clerk


Cllr Down chaired the meeting in Cllr Yates-RoundÕs absence and welcomed Jennifer Fawcet

-Thorne to the meeting.


1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE:  James Aldred, Cllrs J Bennett and P Yates Round.


2. CO-OPTION OF PARISH COUNCILLOR:  Cllr Mrs Chambers proposed and Cllr Giles seconded Mike Squire to be parish councillor.  All present agreed.  Clerk will contact him.     


3. MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING: The minutes of 3rd March meeting were agreed and signed off by Cllr Down.  


4. MATTERS ARISING FROM THE PREVIOUS MINUTES AND ACTIONS :  -  Cllr Mrs Chambers advised that there is now a new metal bench on Middle Hill Common in place of the vandalised one, but it is not known who put it there.



Bank balance:  £5937.63

Balance at this time last year £4517.66

ClerkÕs monthly expenses: £11.06

Invoices:  SWALEC - electricity for Cadbury Lane lamp and phone box-   £11.29

                  SSE lighting maintenance Cadbury Lane lamp                              £11.90

                  ALCA sub renewal                                                                       £52.96

Zurich Insurance renewal                                                                              £293.39

Avonmouth Signs – invoice for 2 speedwatch signs                                    £396.00

Elex – invoice for installation of defibrillator in September 2015, only received after Clerk had requested Certificate P (for electrical installation) following request for this from the Lions Club, Portishead                                                                                         £420.00

Remittance advice from North Somerset Council of Government Grant of £95.oo, also advice that district council will be reducing the Council Tax Support Grant in future.

Audit papers and statements were agreed and signed off, after 2 amendments to year end accounts - inclusion of ClerkÕs salary for previous year and note that defibrillator is half-owned by the Lions Club with parish council. 

Keith Gaubert has agreed to be internal auditor

Councillors signed six cheques.   



16/P/0303/F  Bay Tree Cottage, Hill Lane, Weston-in-Gordano,- Proposed front and rear single storey extensions.   Clerk had written to owners asking for clarification whether house had been sold with planning permission, but no reply received..  


6. PLANNING: (continued)

16/P/0513/F Whitehouse Farm, Clevedon  Road, Weston-in-Gordano, BS20 8PR -  1st floor extension over existing flat roof.  Following query re roof at last meeting and because of short time allowance, Councillors had agreed by emails after, no objections to this application.

16/P/0529/F Duck Pond Barn, Clevedon  Road, Weston-in-Gordano, BS20  8PZ  - Extension to form a study and bedroom at  the east end of the existing detached dwelling and the re-positioning of the previously approved extension  (the application should be read in conjunction   with Planning Consent 14/P/0381/F and the non-material amendment 15/P/2579/NMA).  Councillors had looked at this further following last meeting and had agreed by emails (as reply date very near) no objections to this application.

16/P/0563/F Gordano Cottage, Clevedon Road, Weston in Gordano BS20 8PZ –Erection of a two storey extension and convert part of the garage to habitable area - Following discussion no objections.

16/P/0708/F – Erection of agricultural workerÕs dwelling at Sprigg Farm, Clevedon Road – Cllrs Harris and Down declared an interest leaving two councillors who were unable to discuss this as there was not a quorum.  Clerk to organise a meeting for Thursday 14th April 6.30 p.m. as the hall is being used at 7 p.m.

16/P/0645/WT Clematis Cottage, Clevedon Road, Weston-in-Gordano, BS20  8PR - Cypress Fell – No objections and approval now received from North Somerset Council.

7. HIGHWAYS/PUBLIC RIGHTS OF WAY:  Clerk had been advised by Mike Herbert of North Somerset Council that the Vehicle Activated Sign is coming to Weston in Gordano and he will liaise with Mike Squire who volunteered to be responsible for it.

It was noted that the pothole by The Old School has a cone on it and still needs repairing.  Clerk to chase for this, also another one by Honeysuckle Cottage. 

Discussion on road markings in the narrows which are fading.



From North Somerset ––Amendments to Register of Electors - NOTED

-       Notice and booklet of Sites Allocation Plan consultation dates at libraries – NOTED AND ON NOTICEBOARD

-       Neighbourhood planning funding and resources available - NOTED

-       Advice of Town & Parish Forum on 20th April 7-9 p.m. at Castlewood. - NOTED


Avon Wildlife Trust email re details of management tasks for Middle Hill Common this year – annual hay cut in summer + monitoring and scrub control after nesting season. NOTED

Avon Wildlife Trust Newsletter - NOTED

ALCA – notice re email re new broadband universal service obligation consultation NOTED AND HAD PREVIOUSLY BEEN CIRCULATED.

Avon & Somerset Police – Newsletter – NOTED

Skanska – Advice of night closures on M5 in April/May with M5 northbound slip roads closing between J19 and J18. – NOTED



Some Speedwatching has been undertaken.  There had been emails between Cllr Yates-Round and Daniel Devanny (Local Policing Directorate) of the Police, regarding letters not being sent out to offenders because they were only just over the speed limit.

It was believed the police motorbike had been in the village recently monitoring speed. 

There was concern about the emergency vehicles speeding through the village. 

Speedwatch to be carried out by Sprigg Farm if possible. 

There was a suggestion to ask John Painter for road humps (see his email to Clerk printed in March 2016 minutes).  This to be discussed at next meeting.  Suggestion of parish council purchasing itÕs own VAS for village use at alternative ends of the village. To be discussed again as there was some query whether a permanent sign may not be advantageous. 


10. GORDANO GREENWAY:  Nothing to report at this meeting.


11.NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH:  Nothing to report.  There is still a co-ordinator vacancy.


12. RURAL BROADBAND;  Nothing to report. 


13. PARISH COUNCIL WEBSITE:  Nothing to report.


14. PARISH RECYCLING SCHEME:  Jennifer Fawcett-Thorne is a Waste Minimisation Officer in North Somerset Council department organising this and explained that through three schemes, the village could earn some money by encouraging parishioners to be involved in various ways to recycle more in the village.   It was suggested that bringing this up at the Annual Assembly may be a good way to start it off and perhaps have a stall at the village fete on 6th August.


15. ANNUAL ASSEMBLY:  Clerk had booked village hall for Thursday 12th May (it being used on 5th May for Police and Crime Commissioner election).  Parish Council meeting at 7pm and Annual Assembly 8pm.


16. ANY OTHER BUSINESS:  Jennifer Fawcett-Thorne had brought some maps detailing names of houses in the village and it was agreed that a laminated one could be installed in the village hall.    


Future PC meetings (all Thursdays):


2016 – extraordinary meeting on 14th April, 6.30 p.m.  12th May (7pm with Annual Assembly at 8pm), 2nd June, 7th July, 4th August, 1st September, 6th October, 3rd November, 1st December.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.20p.m.ighways).High