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PRESENT:    Cllrs.  J Bennett, D Down, D Giles, P Harris, M Squire and P Yates-Round.

                       4 parishioners

                       Mrs C Dixon, Parish Clerk


1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE:  Cllr Mrs S Chambers and Jenny Fawcett Thorne (Parish

 Liaison Officer).


2. MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING: The minutes of 7th July meeting were agreed and signed off by Cllr Yates-Round. 


3. MATTERS ARISING FROM THE PREVIOUS MINUTES AND ACTIONS : All Councillors’ declarations of interest now received and will be sent to North Somerset Council.



Bank balance:  £6908.57

Balance at this time last year £5841.14

Clerk’s monthly expenses: £1.00

Invoices:  SWALEC - electricity for Cadbury Lane lamp and phone box-   £11.29

Email reply from SSE re maintenance contract on Cadbury Lane lamp-        

“You will be aware that as a local authority you have a duty of care to ensure any lighting held under your ownership is safely maintained and fit for continued use.  Briefly, our present agreement covers repair of “lights out”, servicing and wherever possible retention of existing equipment through sourcing components not in current production.  Basically our agreement ensures lighting is kept working at the lowest cost base available.  We would expect to attend faults within 5 working days (save where a supply fault exists) and attend any RTA or other emergency event within 2 hours. 

Exclusions apply only to any kit that is found to be end of life, damaged beyond repair, vandalised or subject to similar.  This work is subject to a quotation with costs applicable to the work required. Presently our maintenance agreement provides a “general” cover to ensure lighting is serviceable and safe insofar as possible.

Whilst you may serve notice to terminate the present contract arrangement (in respect of which we consider 30 days would be reasonable notice) we would remind you that should your maintenance agreement be ended it is possible the Parish Council may not be able to demonstrate onward serviceability of the estate and should an event occur whereby it is required to show lighting is in good order.

Whilst we recognise costs do need continued review we regard the present arrangement the easiest and best value route in which to ensure lighting is kept in good order. Trusting you find the above all in order we look forward to your further instructions in due course.”  Councillors noted and agreed to continue with SSE maintenance contract for Cadbury Lane lamp.

As parish Council had received grant towards website, it was agreed to have internet access in the village hall for use at meetings.  Following discussion about using 4G, Cllr Bennet will contact Pure.com, who are locally based, to get a quote for installation.

The WiG Ball in June had made a surplus of £382 and Cllr Bennett said the parish council’s loan of £475.00 would be returned.   He had also spent £33.11 on gifts for the organisers of the Ball and it was agreed he should be recompensed for this.    Clerk also asked to write thanking the organisers – Becky Herbert, Caroline Beekman and Geoff Mitchell for their work in making the Ball a success.

Two cheques were signed by councillors.                        




Clerk:  Mrs C Dixon                                                                           3  Black Rock Villas

Tel: Portishead (01275) 849200                                                          Clevedon Road

Email: blackrockcfd@hotmail.com                                                      Portishead

                  Website: www.westoningordano.co.uk                                               BS20 8PN



Enforcement Cases as at 5.7.16 – Sprigg Farm- Tons of hardcore bought into farm and crushed affecting neighbouring properties -  planning contravention notice issued and returned.  Case officer reviewing response.  NOTED

Down Cottage – Erection of skateboard ramp and associated floodlighting – owner has removed ramp, need to revisit site.  NOTED

Jason Beale of North Somerset Council Planning will be attending 1st September parish council meeting and Chairman asked for councillors to make a list of issues they wish to raise with him.

Grant consent for application 16/P/0563/F – Gordano Cottage, Clevedon RoadErection of two storey extension and convert part of the garage to habitable area – with conditions: development to be begun before expiry of 3 years; shall be carried out in accordance with approved plans; external walling and roofing materials to be used shall match those in existing building and if any other material is proposed approval required by local planning authority; no development shall commence except in accordance with submitted information and plan showing location and design of tree protection methods.  NOTED



The councillors were advised of an unhappy parishioner, who used to park his car in the White Hart car park, but was not now allowed to do so, due to pub customers needing the spaces for parking.  There had also been some poor parking using part of the pavement on the main road in the village. Discussion ensued on the fact that most councillors and parishioners were pleased at the reopening of the pub and its popularity.  Chairman advised drivers to park on the main road- this will also slow down traffic and is legal. Any problems should be brought to the parish council.   Chairman opened up the meeting and Mr Yeatman from the White Hart advised that if he did allow parishioners to park in the car park he could well lose £3,000 per year in lost revenue.  There had also been poor parking in The Close.  It was suggested that if parishioners had problems with parking outside their properties, they put up cones.  Also suggestion of signs saying “please park on road not pavement” and/or a leaflet that could be put on cars with the same wording.  Suggestion of double yellow lines, but this had been rejected in the past. Suggestion of parking mini bus on the road. Suggestion of buying a suitable site in the village for car parking or a solid white line for parking on the road (as in Bristol Road, Portishead).  Three spaces could possibly be made at the front of the White Hart by the wall.   The whole situation to be monitored especially when there is a festival at the pub in early September.  The traffic cones put on the road by The Tynings had been a successful idea.

The white lines by Steppe Cottage are wearing out.

Cllr Giles to remind Rob Thomson at North Somerset Council about the suggestions for improving the highway.            



From North Somerset –– Amendments re Register of Electors - NOTED


Avon & Somerset Police – Newsletter - CIRCULATED

Bristol Airport – Newsletter - CIRCULATED









Clerk:  Mrs C Dixon                                                                           3  Black Rock Villas

Tel: Portishead (01275) 849200                                                          Clevedon Road

Email: blackrockcfd@hotmail.com                                                      Portishead

                  Website: www.westoningordano.co.uk                                               BS20 8PN


8. SPEEDWATCH: Few speedwatches had been undertaken.  Scaffolding erected outside Cllr Squire’s house (Myrtle Cottage) had slowed down traffic through the village.  There is now a new reporting system for the Avon & Somerset police area, where the statistics given by Speedwatch volunteers will be collated and if necessary a  Police motorcyclist will be in the village to catch speeding drivers.  Cllrs Squires and Mrs Chambers will be doing more speedwatches, but this is dependent on the weather.  Walton in Gordano now starting up speedwatch there.  Cllr Squires would like to have statistics from Damien Davany of how many points have been handed out.  100,000 vehicles had been counted going through the village when the vehicle activated sign (VAS) was in place for 4 weeks.


9. GORDANO GREENWAY:  Nothing to report.


10.NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH:  There is still a co-ordinator vacancy.


11. RURAL BROADBAND;  Nothing to report. 



Clerk asked for any suggestions of items to be put in parish council article for Parish Pump newsletter due out in early September.

Cllr Down had had meeting with Avon Wildlife Trust and confirmed that parishioners do not need to contact the Trust in order to use the paddock below the church for events.    

There was discussion on how to make the area next to the public phone box attractive and following suggestions of some artwork by a college, or a rock, it was agreed to ask parishioners what they would like to see there in the next Parish Pump.  


Future PC meetings (all Thursdays): 2016 –

1st September, 6th October, 3rd November, 1st December.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.20p.m.ighways).High