PRESENT:  Cllrs J. Bennett; Mrs. S. Chambers; D. Down; D. Giles; M. Squire; P. Yates-Round.

Mrs. G. Stringer (taking the Minutes)

2 members of the public.



Mrs. C. Dixon  (Clerk)  Cllr. P. Harris.

In the Clerk’s absence, Mrs. Stringer was taking the Minutes and the Chairman thanked her for doing so.


2.  MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING:   The Minutes of the Statutory Parish Council Meeting and the Minutes of the Annual Assembly both held on Thursday, 27th April were agreed and signed off by the Chairman.



Noise from Model Aircraft Site – Representatives of the Club had said they were flying within the limits.  It had been suggested at the Annual Parish Meeting that the worst noise was created by the propeller of one plane in particular.  Cllr Giles read the letter received from the Club.  Councillors questioned whether the licence limited flying to a number of days per year.  Clerk would be asked to write to the Club (Mr. Denton) asking for a copy of the Licence/Planning Permission  and saying that the Council is puzzled by his response regarding the noise test carried out i.e. how was the test done?



Bank balance - £10,530.24

Balance at this time last year - £7,817.55

Clerk’s expenses of £13.30 were noted.

Awaiting invoice for SSE electricity.

The Clerk and an internal auditor had completed the audit which had been sent to Grant Thornton.  The Notice of Date for Parishioners had been put on the notice board.



Refusal of Certificate of Lawfulness of existing use or development – Sprigg Farm.  Lengthy discussion took place regarding how the Council should deal with Planning matters relating to Sprigg Farm when Cllr Harris is present at meetings.  It was felt that the Parish Council might come into disrepute if matters were allowed to continue as they had been.  Cllr Bennett felt slightly uneasy that the Declaration of Interest rule has not been rigorously applied.   Cllr Yates-Round felt that ALCA’s advice should be sought, but Cllr. Down thought that this had already been done.

The Chairman put forward two proposals:-

(1)   That Cllr Harris be asked to leave the meeting during Planning matters only.

(2)   That Cllr Harris be asked to stand down from the Parish Council until the Planning action on his property is resolved.

The second proposal was carried unanimously.


Work to trees at “Moor View”.  Cllr Yates-Round had had discussions with both the owners of “Moor View” and with officers of North Somerset Council.  The owners were not happy with the way in which the Planners had dealt with their application.  Clerk to be asked to find the relevant Minutes of the meeting attended by a representative of the Planning Department, at which he (the representative) had made a commitment to make a site visit when there is a Planning issue.


6.  HIGHWAYS/PROW:   Cllr Giles reported on his meeting with the Highways Dept.  The 20 mph zone would be from just the other side of the White Hart to the Church.  Rumble strips coming into the village at the Clevedon end and also at Valley Road end.  Pavements are not possible due to drainage problems, but kerbs and bollards to be utilised.  The Weston-in-Gordano signs could include “Please Drive Carefully” or “…. Welcomes Careful Drivers”.  Cllr Giles would be going back to the Highways Dept.

Following the debacle over the recent M5 closure, Cllr Yates-Round read an email from Rich Smith.  Since the closure the B3124 has become a recognised route for HGV’s.  A weight restriction on the road is needed, but may be difficult to achieve.  Cllr Squires had contacted 12 companies whose vehicles had been seen on the road through the village.  He has drafted a letter and would email this to the Clerk for onward transmission to the relevant companies.




8.  SPEEDWATCH:   Cllr Squires reported that the flashing sign had now been in place for a number of weeks.  Speedwatch had registered 124 cars that morning, with about 16 being over the limit.  The highest speed was 42 mph.  A speeding motorcyclist is a regular user of the B3124 and on one occasion had been doing 95 mph.  Cllr Squires had spoken to the Police about this.


9.  GORDANO GREENWAY:   Nothing to report.


10.  NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH:  Nothing to report.


11.  RURAL BROADBAND:  Cllr Yates-Round reported that he would be going to the Town Hall to discuss this with Cllr. Ashton some time after the General Election on 8th June.


12. VILLAGE GREEN:  It had gone on record that a letter be sent giving notice to Mr. and Mrs. Morley at Honeysuckle Cottage that a car is not to be parked on the Green any more.  The Clerk would now be asked to send this letter so that plans for the Green could go ahead.  A small committee consisting of Mike Yeatman (White Hart); Angela Borland; Cllr. Chambers and possibly Geoff Mitchell would be formed who would organise the work needed to be done.  A memorial bench would be erected with a plaque commemorating villagers such as John Harrison and Peter Wells.  Mike Yeatman is going to put planters by the old telephone box and had spent time that day tidying verges; flowers would be planted near Duck Pond Barn.                                               Cllr Squires suggested planting flowers outside Gordano Motors in order to brighten up this area.   Flowers/plants had to be picked up from N. Somerset Council and Cllr Chambers volunteered to do this.


13.  ANY OTHER BUSINESS:   Cllr Squires reported that Valerian is growing out of the wall by the bus stop and discussion took place about whose responsibility this is.  Clerk would be asked to write to North Somerset Council regarding this.


The Meeting closed at 9.20 p.m.





Signed:…………………………………..               Date:…………………………..