Clerk:  Mrs C Dixon                                                                           3 Black Rock Villas

Tel: Portishead (01275) 849200                                                         Clevedon Road

Email:blackrockcfd@hotmail.com                                                      Portishead

Website: www.westoningordano.co.uk                                              BS20 8PN



PRESENT:    Cllrs.  J Bennett, D Down, D Giles, P Harris, Mrs S Chambers, M Squire and P Yates-Round

                       12 Parishioners                

                       Mrs C Dixon, Parish Clerk


Cllr Down acted as Chairman until Cllr Yates-Round attended.  Police had advised no crime

reported in the village.




2. MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING: The minutes of 3rd August 2017 meeting were agreed and signed off by Cllr Yates-Round.  .





Bank balance:  £8.721.15

Balance at this time last year £6,864.17

Clerk’s monthly expenses: £3.25

Invoices:  SWALEC - electricity for Cadbury Lane lamp and phone box-   £11.29

            Invoice from Cllr Squire for purchase of “no parking” sign              £  9.78            

Two cheques signed by Councillors  

Audit papers received from Grant Thornton – Comments – Audit and Annual Governance Statements signed on the same day; internal auditor’s report re petty cash – not covered; staff costs should not be put under staff employment costs. NOTED.  



Planning Application 17/P/1961/F – Moor View, Clevedon Road – Two- storey rear and single storey side extension, decking area to terrace and a drive and parking area with erection of detached workshop.  Most Councillors had been unable to access the planning portal to view the application.  However, one councillor was concerned about the wording of “workshop”, which he thought was in the wrong place very near the road.   Plans did not show access very well.  Parish councillors will look at the plans and advise if they have any comments to make. 

Planning Application 17/P/1780/WT – The Bellows, Clevedon Road – Bay –fell; Goat Willow – fell; Beech – crown reduce by approximately 15 feet, shape and thin by 15%; Robina – crown reduce by approximately 15 feet; Walnut – reduce side by lime tree by approximately 78 feet; Lime- reduce to old points and shape; Sycamore x 2 – fell – No objection.

Enforcement Case for August 2017 – Sprigg Farm – hardcore bought into farm and crushed affecting neighbouring properties.  NSC Comment – lawful development certificate refused and appealed.  Enforcement notice issued. – NOTED.



Cllr Giles had been in contact with Rob Thomson of North Somerset Council Highways re the smashed bollard near Sprigg Farm - this should be repaired.   Suggestion of rumble strips could be noisier; road narrowing at Portishead end of village does not work.   Suggestion of putting in block of solid white paint to make traffic slow down at new pinch point, as cobbles had not been used as they could be dangerous to cyclists. District Cllr Nigel Ashton had advised that the 20mph signs will be extended to be nearer the Portishead end of the village.  There was a query about the option of red dragons’ teeth not being put in.    Councillors believed “teeth” would have been bigger to look more like teeth.  Suggestion of raised kerb opposite garage and to paint new kerb white to make it stand out more.    There was a shredded tyre on the pavement by Churchfield Barn.  Parishioner said traffic is slowing down more.   Discussion on bollards. 

Chairman opened the meeting to the public.

Cllr Harris said he is having difficulty accessing his farm entrance.   Suggestion of extending dotted line in middle of road.  Hatched areas are still being used by drivers.  Suggestion of not making any further comments until 20mph signs are in place.  North Somerset Council had advised that the closer the 30mph signs are to the village the better.   30mph signs cannot be moved nearer Valley Road for legal reasons.  There was concern that Valley Road has a speed limit of 50mph, when there is an entrance to the Recycling Centre, which can cause hold-ups.  Parishioner advised it is too dangerous to walk along the road to Taggarts Wood.

Parish Council meeting continued.

Following the parish council sending letters to companies re their lorries using the B3124 when the M5 was closed, Cllr Squire had ascertained that there are conditions for requesting a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) on lorries of 7.5 ton or more.  Easter Compton in Glocestershire has the same character of road and there is a weight limit.  Suggestion of making a claim for a weight limit to avoid danger to persons or other traffic on the road, preventing damage to the road, damage to houses on or near the road, safety for pedestrians and prevent HGVs using unsuitable roads where there are bends and narrows, danger for walkers and/or horses.  Suggestion of pursuing this in order to preserve the amenities of the area. Councillors agreed.  Discussion on this.  Parishioner advised that this had been tried in an area in Bristol and it had not worked.

Clerk read out letters received from parishioners in Cadbury Lane regarding lorries using the lane to access the AMARC site and asking for the parish council’s help.  The second letter advised they had had a meeting with a representative from AMARC and some issues had been resolved.  However, owner of the lane was at the meeting and advised that he had been in contact with AMARC and the lorry company and all potholes will be filled in.  There was discussion on parking in the lane and that a fire engine would have to push past cars to access it.  There was concern about the lorries having caused damage again to a house and also to the resurfaced B3124.  North Somerset Council engineers will be assessing the B3124 and will contact the lorry company (ETM).  It was noted that ETM are slow to compensate.  Parish Councillors were advised that trees had been planted on an adjacent site so AMARC had to move their runway because of that.  Asbestos had also been found in the ground and it was necessary to cover this.   Model jet planes cannot be used because of lack of insurance. Parish Council were disappointed that they had not been informed of lorries using Cadbury Lane, when they could have warned residents.  Clerk asked to send letter to Colin Denton of AMARC saying they were disappointed at lack of communication and would be grateful of advance notice of any work taking place in the future.

Cllr Yates-Round then joined the meeting and took over as Chair.



From North Somerset –– Starting School Poster – NOTICEBOARD


Avon & Somerset Police – Newsletter - CIRCULATED

Avon Wildlife Trust email re haycut planned for 1st September and scrub clearance in the winter programme for volunteers on Middle Hill Common.   Also letter attached re parking for community events at Church Meadow. (see first paragraph under item 13, Any Other Business).

Rev Noel Hector email – would like to come to October pc meeting – NOTED.


8. SPEEDWATCH:  Two Speedwatches had been undertaken in the morning from 7 – 7.30.  out of 180 cars, 4 were over the limit.  The previous evening Speedwatch undertaken 6.30- 6.50 – 117 vehicles in one direction, Portishead to Clevedon, no drivers over the speed limit.  Watchers were standing in the middle of the village by the post box.   It’s the first time no-one has been recorded exceeding the speed limit.        


9. GORDANO GREENWAY:  Cllr Yates-Round advised that Brean Cycleway is now operating.  North Somerset Council has been asked for £60,000 to do a topography survey.  Some volunteers offering to help.  There are 8-9 contacts per week interested in the website.  This is an ongoing project.  Portishead Town Council have been asked for funding, but they may only do so if railway station is built.  Clevedon and Gordano Schools have given their support.        


10.NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH:  Cllr Yates-Round reminded parishioners that there is still a co-ordinator vacancy and following asking for a volunteer no-one was forthcoming.   There is a discount for house insurance if the village has a neighbourhood watch group. 


11. RURAL BROADBAND:  Cllr Yates-Round is due to attend a meeting at Town Hall with the new providers.  Devon and Somerset had taken BT to court over not providing full rural broadband.  Following asking parishioners if anyone had fast Broadband, there was no reply.  Parishioner advised that he links his computer to 4G mobile phone to get better speed. 


12. VILLAGE GREEN:  Following Clerk having sent a letter to Mr and Mrs Morley at Honeysuckle Cottage, Mr Morley had replied reiterating his disappointment at parish council’s stance of asking him not to park on the Green.  He advised he would be taking legal advice.

Cllr Yates-Round read out a statement regarding the parish council’s actions (copy attached and also circulated to parishioners attending meeting). Clerk had received 5 letters from parishioners objecting to the parish council’s actions in this regard and Clerk would respond to them with a copy of the statement.  Suggestion of putting wild flowers on verge by Weston House if it is legal to do so, as there was uncertainty who owned the land.  Cllr Squire had sprayed weeds along the road in the village.   Contractor can remove tarmac from Village Green for a reasonable price.  The village gateway will be improved and the gates made a feature.

Chairman opened the meeting to parishioners.

Parishioner asked about the parking on the Green, but Chairman advised he could not say any more than the statement, due to the possible legal action.  Parishioner said they were concerned about the parish council’s action to the Morleys which was disrespectful and left the meeting.   Chairman said he did not agree with this.  There was discussion about parking in Hill Lane.   There was no planning application for the garage at Honeysuckle Cottage.  Parishioner asked about the right of way over the Green, but Chairman said this had not been discussed recently by the councillors.  Parishioner was upset about the possibility of this being rescinded and left the meeting.  Councillor said he was disappointed with some villagers’ attitude towards the parish council.  He had volunteered to join the parish council to help improve the village.  Chairman said issues had been raised at meetings, but hardly any parishioners attend the meetings to find out what is happening.               



Cllr Down had met with Avon Wildlife Trust (AWT) to discuss management of the farmland in the valley and raised the matter of parking outside the church.  AWT own the land and Cllr Down said he had no problem with parking in Church Lane, but AWT do not want parking in the lane.  AWT are now applying for grant aid from European Union for Church Orchard.  Cllr Down has asked AWT to take it out of grant aided system.   There was discussion on the use of Church Orchard.  Suggestion of asking residents to attend next parish council meeting when it is hoped representatives from AWT will be present.

Parish councillors noted that there were cars parking wholly or partially on the pavement in the village and it was suggested that Councillors have a letter which can be put on the vehicles in question saying that it makes it difficult for pushchairs and wheelchairs to get past.          


Future PC meetings (all Thursdays): –


5th October, 2nd November and 7th December 


There being no further business the meeting closed at 10.00p.m.ighways).High