Clerk:  Mrs C Dixon                                                                           3 Black Rock Villas

Tel: Portishead (01275) 849200                                                         Clevedon Road

Email:blackrockcfd@hotmail.com                                                      Portishead

Website: www.westoningordano.co.uk                                              BS20 8PN



PRESENT:    Cllrs. J Bennett, D Down, D Giles, P Harris, M Squire and P Yates-Round                  

                       Mrs C Dixon, Parish Clerk


1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE:  Cllr Mrs S Chambers and Hayley Verrico.  Hayley (Assistant Director Adults’ Support and Safeguarding, People and Communities, North Somerset Council and also Parish Liaison Officer) had advised that due to pressures in the hospitals and health services, she needed to be on emergency call-out this evening.  She also asked if her email could be passed onto local residents.   ACTION Clerk.  


2. MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING: The minutes of 7th December 2017 meeting were agreed and signed off by Cllr Down.





Bank balance:  £11,029.57

Balance at this time last year £7,728.20

Clerk’s monthly expenses: £3.00

Invoices:  SWALEC - electricity for Cadbury Lane lamp and phone box-   £11.16

                 SSE maintenance for light/phone box                                           £11.90

                 Clerk’s part salary                                                                        £325.00

Councillors signed off three cheques.

Following discussion on the precept proposed for 2018-2019, it was agreed to put in for £6210.00.  ACTION – Clerk to advise North Somerset Council.  It was understood there would probably be no funding needed for the Gordano Greenway at present.  There was discussion on what Parish Council does and how to attract more parishioners to meetings.  Suggestion of putting in more contributions of articles to Parish Pump.  It was suggested and agreed that there should be an information board giving history of various parts of the village (perhaps installed by the phone box).  ACTION Cllr Squire offered to organise a noticeboard about the village.  

Following discussion Clerk’s salary was increased to £1500 per year.      

Cllr Bennett gave details of costs for the planters and enhancements to the road.  Initial costs to be £1500 with £360 for annual maintenance.  Suggestion of organisations/individuals sponsoring planters and adoption of them.  It was agreed that planters should now be ordered.

ACTION – Cllr Bennett.  Households next to the proposed positions of the planters to be asked if it is in order to install them, which will not be placed too near the road.  

Suggestion of connecting up village hall for broadband.  ACTION Cllr Bennett to look into this.  There is already a projector and screen in the hall.  Suggestion of getting a stand for the projector and putting a screen on the wall, to be used for films etc.  This could enhance the hall for future use.


5. PLANNING:  Refusal of Planning Application 17/P/1961/F – Moor View, Clevedon Road – Two storey rear and single storey side extension, decking area to terrace and a drive and parking area with erection of detached workshop.



Cllr Yates-Round has suggested to the applicants that they work with their architect and North Somerset Council to redraw plans for a further application.  It was understood that Avon Wildlife Trust proposed to charge for the use of the access, but it was hoped there could be some negotiation on this.

Taylor Wimpey briefing note on plans for 3 new villages in North Somerset by Ashton.  CIRCULATED. 

Notice of no objection to 17/P/5392/TRCA – 3 Sprigg Drive – Eucalyptus – reduce 3.5m,; Fig, Cotoneaster & Photinia – reduce height by 2m and spread by 1.5m. NOTED



Response from Nigel Ashton re queueing in Valley Road for waste recycling centre – he is  asking Highways and Waste Recycling what can be done to alleviate this.

Email from Rob Thomson, North Somerset Council, Highways and Transport advising that following a meeting with District Councillor Nigel Ashton they should identify a budget next financial year to undertake some monitoring of the existing uses of the B3124 to inform a decision about a weight limit.   A budget for that purpose has been indicated on the draft 2018/2019 financial year works programme; however it is yet to be signed off by Cllrs Ashton and Ap Rees.  



From North Somerset –– Register of Electors received by Clerk - NOTED


Fisher German – letter re Government pipeline which crosses Middle Hill Common – surveys, inspections and tests being carried out in next 12 months.  - NOTED

Bristol Airport – Newsletters - CIRCULATED

Clerks & Councils Direct – Newsletter - NOTED


8. SPEEDWATCH:  Speedwatches have not been undertaken due to weather and short days, but will be resumed in January.


9. GORDANO GREENWAY:  Surveys have been started in December.  Various access routes in progress.     


10.NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH:  Nothing to report.


11. RURAL BROADBAND:  It was noted the village is near to the bottom of the list for getting broadband.  Cllr Yates-Round will have a meeting with two other parishioners who have been pushing this project forward.


12. VILLAGE GREEN:   Suggestion of provision for mounting a Christmas Tree.  This item to be taken off the agenda.    


13. ANY OTHER BUSINESS: It was proposed and agreed unanimously to pass a vote of thanks for those who had provided and installed the Christmas lights in the village, which, with the lights at the White Hart, were a great success.   There was discussion on the possibility of having power on the village green.

The parish council had received a complaint about the hedge by The Old Rectory projecting out into the road.  North Somerset Council are monitoring this as per correspondence from last winter.  Parish Council also to monitor.  ACTION Following discussion Clerk was asked to send a letter to the owners of The Old Rectory asking again for the hedge and trees to be pruned.

There was concern at the amount of traffic cones around the village especially by the Old Thatch (although these are to stop drivers getting too close to houses) and in Hill Lane.  There have been cones and objects placed in Hill Lane by Hill Cottages for parking.  ACTION -Following discussion Clerk asked to write to parishioners in 1 and 2 Hill Cottages to advise it is illegal for cones and objects to be placed in the road.  If the parishioners have any comments to make, to come to the next parish council meeting.      


Clerk continuing to look into provision of hearing loop for the village hall.      


Future PC meetings (all Thursdays): –


1st February, 1st March, 5th April, 3rd May, 7th June, 5th July, 2nd August, 6th September, 4th October, 1st November and 6th December.  


There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.30p.m.ighways).High