Clerk:  Mrs C Dixon                                                                           3 Black Rock Villas

Tel: Portishead (01275) 849200                                                         Clevedon Road

Email:blackrockcfd@hotmail.com                                                      Portishead

Website: www.westoningordano.co.uk                                              BS20 8PN



PRESENT:    Cllrs. J Bennett, Mrs C Chambers, D Down, D Giles, M Squire and P Yates-Round

                       1 Parishioner

                       Mrs C Dixon, Parish Clerk


1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE:  Cllr P Harris and PCSO Hayley Verrico.


2. MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING: The minutes of 6th September meeting were agreed and signed off by Cllr Yates-Round.



See individual items.



Bank balance:  £12,799.96

Balance at this time last year £8,700.08

Clerk’s monthly expenses: £3.00

Invoices:  SSE - electricity for Cadbury Lane lamp and phone box-                        £9.81

SSE – Maintenance for Cadbury lane lamp                                                              £11.90  

Cllr P Yates-Round for Open Spaces Society subscription                                     £40.00                           (membership agreed at last meeting)

PKF Littlejohn LLP – Audit completed and invoice submitted – two comments

re update of value of assets and incorrect date of audit notice.                              £200.00                                     

All agreed above payments and 5 cheques signed off by Councillors.


5. PLANNING: :  18/P/3601/FUL – Sprigg Farm, Clevedon Road – Change of use of existing building comprising 2no. homes linked by a timber structure and having a small porch, to a self-contained residential dwelling – Following Clerk sending letter advising parish council do not feel able to comment on application as Enforcement Notice still pending on site, no reply had been received from North Somerset Council.  Cllr Giles had spoken with neighbours who are of the same opinion that the Enforcement Notice should be carried out before planning application is considered.  Discussion about possible problems for the village because of this.

Clerk had received notice from North Somerset Council of 3 enforcement cases for Weston in Gordano with request that the details are not broadcast outside the parish councillors.  Clerk had responded to district council that the notices are usually brought to the attention of the parish councillors at the parish council meeting, which is open to the public and North Somerset Council will reply in due course.  There was discussion on the 3 sites in question (one having the wrong address), but details were not minuted.    



North Somerset Council will replace the existing planters with larger ones and increase the white lines on the road opposite the White Hart.  A risk assessment has been undertaken on the new larger planters.  Cost will be £2,420 to district council and there will be no further funds



available if needed.  Parish council would like to see more white lines leading up to the planters.  Parish council unsure who is liable if someone is hit by planter.  Suggestion of

replying to North Somerset Council to check who would be responsible for replacement of planters if they are hit and damaged and an emergency replacement is required, as planters installed by the district council.  Concern about possible danger if planters being hit into the road and Parish Council cannot be held responsible for any damage to anyone.  Cllr Giles and Clerk will compose letter to council.

Councillors are concerned that there is still loose gravel on the pavement following road –re-surfacing.   Suggestion of asking parishioners to clear the patch outside their houses (suggestion of putting this in next Parish Pump).  Some gravel now permanently on road in tarmac, following the hot summer.  Cllr Squire offered to spray weeds on the pavement.



From North Somerset –– Review of Polling Stations – no change - NOTED


Royal Email – re Scams through the post – poster put on noticeboard

Email from Parishioner re planters – “It was written in the Parish Pump that the village was going to be 'beautified' with the planters, but, sadly in my opinion, this hasn't happened.  The hideous planters without plants, are an embarrassment, and with the drab rustic wooden fronting the pub, I feel the village is very untidy.

I and many others would be OK with the planters if they were bigger i.e. from pavement to white line, and they were tended.  If North Weston bus shelter can do it, I'm sure our village can.

I for one would be only too pleased to contribute financially to making our village more beautiful.

I hope you find this constructive.”

Following Clerk forwarding the email to Councillors, she had replied: “Thank you for your email and my apologies for the delay in replying, but I have been on holiday.

The parish council embarked on the "beautification" of the village earlier this year with the primary aim to encourage passing drivers to slow down.  Our primary mechanisms to achieve this are the planters you can see on the pavements.  In future we will be addressing the Village Green.

At the same time we were in consultation with North Somerset Council regarding other traffic calming measures.  One outcome of this is the planters you see situated in the road itself.   These are provided by North Somerset Council, but the parish council have taken on the job of planting them.  One specific safety measure here is to ensure these planters are as visible as possible, hence the tall planting style adopted.

The roll-out of the pavement planters is a gradual one. They are built and currently tended by councillors and other people from around the village.  It is our intention to employ a part-time gardening service to keep these tended, but whilst we have rolled them out and partly due to the warm summer, it has not been appropriate to contract this work yet.     

With regard to the rustic wooden fencing fronting the pub, this is not the parish council's responsibility.  

Your point regarding North Weston is a valid one and, subject to confirmation, we believe they have been supported by Portishead in Bloom in this venture.  It is something the parish council will be investigating for next year. 

Thank you for your interest and enthusiasm on this matter.”


8. SPEEDWATCH:  Speedwatches cannot be undertaken at the moment as there has to be a Safety Assessment for the new 20mph area.  The police can park by Rose Cottage (with the owner’s permission) to carry out Speedwatches.  Figures cannot be accepted by the police until a new form is produced and that can’t be done until there has been an assessment.    Councillors were frustrated at this.    


9. GORDANO GREENWAY:  Survey still in process by North Somerset Council.


10.NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH:  Nothing to report. 


11. RURAL BROADBAND:  Nothing to report.




13. VILLAGE GREEN: Cllr Bennett will put together past correspondence for Mr and Mrs Morley following the meetings with himself and Cllr Giles.  Clerk to obtain advice from Open Spaces Society about access over the village green.



Chairman advised that the church is holding a children’s party 5.30-6.30 pm on All Hallows Eve (31st October) and asked if anyone can help on the day. 

Councillors were advised that 12 cars and a lorry were waiting to enter the waste recycling centre in Valley Road for 10 a.m. opening.  There is concern that the parked cars could be a possible danger.  The opening times had recently changed for the winter.  Suggestion of opening at 9 a.m. and have clearer signage with opening times. 

Cllr Bennett asked about the liability insurance for a gardener working on behalf of the parish council in the road.  He/she will also mow the village green and clear any excess loose gravel.


Meeting closed at 9.15


Future PC meetings: – 2018 Thursday 1st November and Thursday 6th December.


Thursdays, 3rd January, 7th February, 7th March, 4th April, 2nd May, 6th June, 4th July, 1st August, 5th September, 3rd October, 7th November and 5th December.