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PRESENT:    Cllrs. J Bennett, D Down, D Giles, P Harris, I Holding and P Yates-Round (Chairman)

                        Karen Wood, Community Banker, NatWest Retail Banking 

                        Mrs C Dixon, Parish Clerk

                        14 parishioners


Following refreshments, Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting, especially Karen Wood who then gave a presentation on scams.

Karen goes out in the community to promote Friends Against Scams.

53% of people aged over 65 have been victims of scams.  Statistics are increasing for the 16-25 age group who have been scammed. Vulnerable people also affected, but total of victims not known, due to people feeling embarrassment at reporting scams.  £5-10 billion money is lost over the year this way.

Personal security details can be sold on by companies and phone calls/texts saying they are from major companies or government agencies very common. Top scams say they are from police or fraud team.   A bone fide text from a bank can have a paragraph added on by a scammer.

Karen suggested not clicking on any suspicious text message or returning a phone call. Check to ensure that it’s a recognisable number and ring the number you know or on the back of your credit/debit card.  Scammers also say not to contact other people about the problem as banks/companies are being investigated for fraud.  If people ask around, they could find other people have been told this too.

95% of scams are by phone.

Other scams are by distraction (burglaries) and online payments.  Common are emails saying they are from a friend/relative needing money due to accident or money loss abroad.  Check person is abroad first.

Check your privacy status on Facebook.  Take care when putting selfies on internet in case of details available in background. 

Do not disclose details especially pin numbers and passwords. 

Following a phone call check the call has finished by phoning a friend or relative.  Some scammers keep the line open and you think you are talking to a bank or police and details are going to the scammer.

There is often a psychological effect when a person has been scammed.

Spread the word and if you think a friend or relative is acting differently, ordering more cheque books or secretive talk to them about scams.

Parishioner asked how scammers know if people are about to send/transfer a large amount of money.  Karen could not answer this.

Chairman thanked Karen for her presentation.       


1. APOLOGIES: Stu Redway.


2. MINUTES OF 2018 ANNUAL ASSEMBLY – Following the Minutes having been distributed at the meeting, all agreed that they be signed off. 


3. CHAIRMAN’S REPORT – It was a busy year for the parish council.  The traffic precautions (20mph speed limit and planters) appear to be working, especially now there are larger planters in the road.  Further planters are planned for other areas along the B3124.   Chairman is still pursuing the HGV weight limit on the B3124.  The White Hart is doing well and the owners now part of the community. The Rector and Parish Council have worked together and now there are more events in the church, especially for families and children.  The church has a new catering facility.

Chairman thanked Stu Redway for continuing to publish the Parish Pump.  The Social Committee continue to organise different events over the year.  Parish Council still working to make the village a special place in which to live.

Mr Yates-Round advised that he will be standing down as Chairman and Parish Councillor and is handing over the Chair to Cllr Bennett.  Catherine Dixon will be retiring as Clerk and Mr Yates-Round thanked her for her hard work over the years.   Also he thanked Councillors Mrs Sue Chambers, David Down, David Giles, Jon Bennett, Mike Squire and Paul Harris for their work on the council and welcomed Ian Holding and Kevin Cranshaw as new Councillors.  




Parishioner thanked Mr Yeats-Round for his work on the Council and for being Chairman over the years, on occasion at difficult times.

Parishioner asked if the database held by the Parish Council could be used to advertise the monthly meetings and also have a more detailed agenda of what would be discussed.   Also increasing the number of email addresses on the database.   There was concern about the data protection implications.  Individual councillors’ names are not now normally quoted in the minutes.    Chairman said all parishioners are welcome to the meetings.  Parish Council website is due to be upgraded and made more accessible, although this will cost money.  Parishioners were asked to look at the Wraxall and Failand Parish Council website.  

Councillor thanked Clerk and Chairman for their work over the years.

Cllr Yates-Round thanked everyone for attending the meeting, especially Karen Wood.


There being no further matters, the meeting closed at 8.45 pm.