Clerk:  Mrs C Dixon                                                                           3 Black Rock Villas

Tel: Portishead (01275) 849200                                                         Clevedon Road

Email:blackrockcfd@hotmail.com                                                      Portishead

Website: www.westoningordano.co.uk                                              BS20 8PN



PRESENT:    Cllrs. J Bennett, D Down, D Giles, P Harris and P Yates-Round

                        2 parishioners

                       Mrs C Dixon, Parish Clerk




2. MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING: The minutes of 4th July 2019 meeting were agreed and signed off by Cllr Yates-Round.


3. CO-OPTION OF COUNCILLORS.  Ian Holding (who was present at the meeting) was asked if he would be a councillor and he agreed.  Following discussion, all Councillors agreed with this. 

Cllr Yates-Round advised he would be standing down as Chairman and Councillor, but would stay on the council until there was a sustainable number of councillors elected.  He would still be involved with the Gordano Greenway project and securing a weight limit on the B3124, about which he was in contact with district councillor Nigel Ashton.  Councillors thanked Mr Yates-Round for all his hard work.   


4. MATTERS ARISING FROM THE PREVIOUS MINUTES AND ACTIONS: Following the Chairman receiving an 8-page letter from a parishioner about the state of chippings in Hill Lane (see Highways item in July Minutes) and with complaints about individual Councillors, there was discussion on whether the parish council should reply, as it was believed some of the letter could be slanderous.  It was agreed to monitor the situation.

Chairman had arranged for a dog waste bin collector to empty two bins for £180 per year and purchased two dog waste bins, following consultation with the parish councillors.  All agreed.

Cllr Down will put the bins up on existing posts - one a way marking post at the entrance to Weston Moor and one on an ex highways post by the electricity sub-station in Cadbury Lane. Discussion about whether there should be one in Hill Lane.  Mr Holding will canvas people living in Hill Lane about this.         



Bank balance:  £12,829.52

Balance at this time last year £11,681.14

Clerk’s monthly expenses: £2.56


Zurich Insurance – Clerk had received email reminder from them which showed that she had not received invoice and as there was a deadline Clerk emailed round councillors for agreement to pay, Chairman, D Giles and Clerk then signed off cheque for £329.62 for the year.

Request from Village Hall Management Committee for donation towards hall insurance. The premium remains the same as last year at £679.92 and following discussion it was agreed to pay this.

PKF Littlejohn advised parish council can claim exemption from having a review.  This should save the council £200 + vat, but there may be a small cost if there are any queries. 

Chairman, on behalf of Parish Council, had donated hamper as prize at Village Fete costing £41.80.  All agreed Chairman could be recompensed for this. 

Chairman submitted invoice from AJ Products Ltd for the purchase of dog waste bins at £180.00 and following discussion Councillors agreed Mr Yates-Round be recompensed for this.

Chairman also submitted invoice from 123 Reg for £11.99 for domain renewal for Gordano Greenway.  Following discussion it was agreed to recompense Mr Yates-Round.  

Chairman advised that the church had to find £5-6,000 to repair churchyard wall and £2,700 had been raised from the fete towards this.  He suggested parish council should donate towards the work also and all agreed to donate £2,000, but to defer payment until work is about to be started.

Six cheques were signed off (see also item on Village Green).  



Village sign at Moor View – Clerk had received reply from David Bailey, North Somerset Council Highways, “In the first instance the resident needs to apply for planning permission, because they are amending an access onto a B road.   My understanding of the process is that as part of the planning application they would need to submit plans which will show that the traffic sign is to be relocated, once planning approval has been granted they will need to employ a contractor who are acceptable to work on the Highway, who will widen the driveway and relocate the sign at the same time.”   Owner has been passed this information.


7. HIGHWAYS/PUBLIC RIGHTS OF WAY:  Clerk had received reply from David Bailey at North Somerset Council Highways with plan regarding the ownership of Hill Lane.  North Somerset Council do not own any part of the road but an area of the road is dedicated as a Public Highway and it was agreed following discussion for Clerk to email owner of Weston Lodge asking him to arrange for clearance of the gravel on Hill Lane and consider resolving the whole issue permanently. 

Chairman to ascertain what is happening about the weight restriction on the B3124..



From North Somerset –– Amendments to Register of Electors- NOTED


ALCA – Website accessibility regulations. NOTED and Clerk to contact Graham Pritchard who maintains the parish council website to check their website complies with this.


9. SPEEDWATCH:  Nothing to report.


10. GORDANO GREENWAY:  Nothing to report.. 


10.NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH:  Chairman looking to reinstate Neighbourhood Watch.


11. RURAL BROADBAND:  Suggestion of having TrueSpeed give a presentation to the village at a later date.  


12. MIDDLE HILL COMMON/BRIDLEWAY: .Clerk had received email from Bernie D’Arcy of Avon Wildlife Trust who said that Western Power had had to undertake some statutory tree felling and the Trust will tidy this up and carry out a small area of coppicing in the winter.  The Trust are scheduled to do a hay cut on August 20th with the volunteer group from Walton Common.  

Councillors noted this and Clerk to ask Bernie to future parish council meetings. 


13. VILLAGE GREEN -.Cllr Bennett had received an invoice from the contractor (Greenways Grounds Maintenance) for his work completed so far, but Councillors were not happy with what has been undertaken on the Green and have had some adverse remarks from villagers.  Invoice was for £404, which included the cost of the bench, 5 lavender plants and 9 roses with labour at £187 (15 hours).  Contractor will remove the bench and the lavenders are dead.  Following discussion it was agreed to pay the contractor £150 and a cheque was signed off for this as Councillors felt the work was not professionally carried out. 

Chairman then welcomed Mrs Chris Lewis on behalf of the village Gardening Club, whose members all have good gardening skills.  Mrs Lewis outlined what the club could do for the Green, if the parish council would like this and advised she would need to put the plan before the members at their September meeting.

Assess the state of the Green and what is underneath the grass.  Agreed to keep grass as Green is not all level for paving.  Consideration to be given for access to garage.  Does the well work and is it safe?  Any work undertaken would have to be careful near the well not to disturb it.  The wooden pump is rotten and stonework needs to be renewed around it.

Green may need to be cleared with a digger – Councillors advised they could organise this.

No further planters as they could need more maintenance in summer.

Chairman and councillors agreed that Gardening Club should do the work and a survey of the land and give cost.  Plants could be bought at cost price. 

Chairman thanked Mrs Lewis for attending the meeting and for the work she has done on the plan. 


14. ANNUAL ASSEMBLY:   Clerk advised that Karen Wood from NatWest could not attend the 1st August meeting and following discussion it was agreed to have the Annual Assembly on another date in September (separate to the parish council meeting) and Clerk to arrange.



Clerk handed her resignation letter to Chairman.  She had been Clerk for over 30 years and felt that now the Councillors had been re-elected this would be a good time to leave. She had enjoyed her time working with all the councillors over the years and would miss the meetings, but felt the Audit procedures were very cumbersome for such a small parish.   Chairman suggested the parish council and clerk could come to some arrangement regarding workload for the future.        


Councillors advised that the history board on the Village Green had been vandalised, but that it was still legible.  There is CCTV in the area and an item would be put in the next Parish Pump about this.


Meeting closed at 9.30 pm


Future PC meetings: – 2019  5th September, 3rd October, 7th November and 5th December.