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PRESENT:    Cllrs. J Bennett, D Down, D Giles, and P Yates-Round

                        3 parishioners

                       Mrs C Dixon, Parish Clerk


Cllr Bennett chaired the meeting until Cllr Yates-Round arrived.  




2. MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING: The minutes of 1st August 2019 meeting were agreed and signed off by Cllr Bennett.


3. CO-OPTION OF COUNCILLORS.  Ian Holding signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office and joined the Councillors.   Kevin Cranshaw, who was at the meeting, was asked if he would like to be a Parish Councillor and he agreed.  Cllr Down proposed and Cllr Bennett seconded this and all Councillors present agreed.   Kevin Cranshaw then signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office and joined the Councillors.    


4. MATTERS ARISING FROM THE PREVIOUS MINUTES AND ACTIONS: Following the Clerk’s email to Hayden Rushton re gravel being washed down Hill Lane, he had replied as follows;

Thank you for getting in touch and making me aware that some of the gravel washed down onto the road, which I apologise for. I take your comments on board and have come up with my proposed solution below.

I understand that after a long period of dry weather, that the rain was torrential leading to the above, as well as debris from the common and other properties. Had I been made aware when the event happened, then I would have arranged for the gravel to be removed straight away.

The track has had a gravel surface for over 100 years and whilst from time to time in my ownership there has been some surface debris washed down, it hasn’t been reported to me as a major issue.

Trying to remove the loose gravel would be disastrous, impractical and undesirable. I understand that prior to my ownership when the track became neglected that large rocks, boulders and mud washed down as far as the pub, due to gullies forming in the track, preventing the natural drainage into the forest. I understand that there have been various incidents over the years from other land and property with debris washing into the village due to the gradient of the land above.

I note that most of the other houses have laid hard surfaces such as, tarmacadam or paving, with varying degrees of drainage. I have explored numerous avenues with regards to a suitable surface and due to the steep nature of the driveway permeable Tarmac appears to be the most appropriate. It will also bring it in line with everybody else.

The top section of my driveway doesn’t require permission to surface, however I will need to put in an application to tarmac the bottom section between my gate posts and Hill Lane, as it passes over common land. I’ll press on with the submission as a matter of urgency.



Whilst I'm sure that to some, this will be controversial, to many others it will be a welcome improvement. Feedback from many of the villagers is that they would like to see the access to the common improved. I feel that by adding tarmac to the existing loose driveway surface access to the common will be significantly improved, health and safety concerns over vehicle traffic will be mitigated, drainage will be improved, and dust, mud and gravel pollution reduced.

Many of the concerns of some of the villagers are also shared by me and at the forefront of my mind will be:

Controlling the volume and speed of vehicle traffic: Tarmac will enable vehicles to travel more slowly and brake quicker. We will electrify the gates, so that they remain closed, this will prevent unwanted vehicles from using the driveway. Installing gates will also force the car to stop, therefore reducing speed. Low level speed bumps with also help to control speed and channel the water and slow traffic.

Reduction in noise, dust and gravel pollution: A tarmac surface will be significantly quieter, eliminate dust and reduce debris on Hill Lane.

Improved Drainage: The driveway naturally slopes towards the forest, speed bumps and drainage channels will be installed to carry this water away. I will take advice on the issue of drainage and over-engineer the project in this area. Currently the ruts in the driveway cause water to travel from the top to the bottom of the driveway, this will be eliminated.

Enhancing the access and improving the visual appearance leading to the common: Tarmac will ensure much better access on foot to the common. I am passionate about the environment and will ensure that native species are planted alongside the track to maintain the natural appearance and to encourage wildlife.

I welcome any sensible feedback from residents. I will endeavour to ensure that I address any concerns to the best of my ability and take this opportunity to improve the common rather than detract from it. I am also happy to attend a meeting either on site or in the village hall, to discuss any concerns in advance of any works taking place.

If you would like to meet up at a mutually convenient time, then that would be most welcome.

I wasn’t aware that Hill Lane was adopted, do you know when this occurred? My understanding was that my land extended to the main road.

Councillor Ian Holding proposed corrections to the minutes of September 5th 2019, Item 4 and it was agreed to amend the minutes to read: “There was discussion on Mr Rushton’s letter and proposal to tarmac the pathway between his entrance gate and Hill Lane, in place of the gravel. Some councillors appreciated Mr Rushton’s proposal to tarmac the path but not all councillors agreed with this sentiment. It was believed this could make any run-off worse. Not all excess water came from the path but also from Middle Hill Common. Hill Lane is an adopted highway by North Somerset Council, but is not owned by them. One councillor explained that permission would need to be sought from DEFRA, who are the relevant planning authority as the track is part of the registered the Common land, before any tarmac can be put down ; this councillor has had sight of the definitive map of the Registered Common and whilst possessing a facsimile copy, however he did not have it with him at the meeting. It was not certain of the ownership of Hill Lane and some councillors were not sure where the Common boundary is.

Clerk was asked to acknowledge Mr Rushton’s letter and take up his kind offer of coming to a meeting in the parish, with a suggestion of him attending the 5th December parish council meeting.


Bank balance:  £11,765.81 + £3,200 part precept from North Somerset Council

Balance at this time last year £13,551.53

Clerk’s monthly expenses: £1.00

Invoices:  North Somerset Council re elections                                             £90.oo

Advice from North Somerset Council of payment of part precept of £3,200

Clerk had received letter from North Somerset Disability & Advice Line seeking a donation, but following discussion it was agreed that this was probably not relevant to the parish.  

Cllr Yates-Round had just been to a parochial church council meeting, where the committee were grateful for the offer of £2,000 towards repair of the damaged church wall.  

Cllr Yates-Round put forward an invoice he had paid to 123 Reg for domain renewal for the Gordano Greenway of £71.81 and it was agreed to reimburse him for this. 

Two cheques were signed.








From North Somerset –– 2 x Amendments to Register of Electors- NOTED

-       Promotion of local activities posters - Noticeboard        


Brain Tumour Research – Poster re WLK OF hope ON 28TH September - NOTICEBOARD



9. SPEEDWATCH:  Cllr Cranston (Cranfield) offered to be Co-ordinator for Speedwatch and will get some volunteers together.  Cllr Yates-Round will pass on any paperwork for this.   Also he will get the numbers for the signs in the village which give figures of those speeding on the B3124.

Councillor advised that 5/6 people had stopped in the pull-in by Oakapple to repair their tyres damaged by hitting the kerb.  It was noted that a car is parking in front of the planter in the road by Myrtle Cottage, thus obscuring the 20mph sign.     


10. GORDANO GREENWAY:  This is progressing slowly. 


10.NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH:  This scheme is not active in the village.  It is hoped a villager with an interest in this will apply to be Co-ordinator.       


11. RURAL BROADBAND:  Parish Councillors had been advised that there are now new options available and there was discussion about this.  Clerk had received email from Andy Moore of TrueSpeed asking for contact details of the hall booking clerk.   She will reply with Linda Pearce’s details.   


12. MIDDLE HILL COMMON/BRIDLEWAY: . There was nothing to report. 


13. VILLAGE GREEN -.Following Clerk sending cheque for £150 to Greenwood Maintenance, she had not received any receipt.  Cllr Bennett advised he had received a phone call and that a letter would be sent about this.  Cllr Bennett showed a plan of what Chris Lewis was proposing to the Gardening Club with new grass laid and planting on the edges.  She would also like to dig up the concrete around the pump, possibly reusing old stone. There was concern at what state the well (if there is one) is in and if the manhole is unsafe. Pump and housing is in a poor state. There is a metal pump in the village hall garden, but it was not known what the pump looked like originally.  Cllr Cranston (Cranfield) offered to have a look at the pump.   Chris Lewis had shown her suggested plans to the owners of Honeysuckle Cottage who had not objected. 

It was agreed that a donation of £1,000 be put aside for this work.


14. ANNUAL ASSEMBLY:   This will now be on Thursday 26th September with Karen Black from Natwest Bank giving a presentation about how to avoid scams.   Clerk had emailed Chris and Gill Stringer asking if they could help with the refreshments, but no reply yet received.     



Cllr Bennett had looked at the Failand and Wraxall PC website and had spoken to the Clerk there about who set up and maintains it.  He will look into companies who can do this for Weston in Gordano, as Graham Pritchard who set up the website had now left the area.

Councillors were advised that a parishioner had been bitten by an Asian Hornet and were advised to be aware of these in the village.  It is believed they are nesting in an owl nest near the church. It has been reported

Following Clerk handing in her resignation there was discussion on the way forward and Clerk asked to advertise the post through ALCA.

The two dog waste bins are now in place in Cadbury Lane and by the church.  The one in Cadbury Lane has not been used, but the other has a few bags in.  It is believed they will not need to be emptied each week.  Stickers will be put on the bins.

Councillors advised that the history board on the Village Green had been vandalised yet again, Suggestion of covering it with tough pvc.  An item will be put in the next Parish Pump about the vandalism.


Meeting closed at 9.45 pm


Future PC meetings: – 2019  26th September – Annual Assembly, no meeting in October, 7th November and 5th December.