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The WiGGS is ideal for everyone, beginners or golfers who enjoy their golf in a fun and yet slightly competitive environment!


If you'd like to join us for a morning Bacon Butty, washed down with a strong coffee and a pleasant game of golf with friends and banter, please get in touch.

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Reports from some of our outings;

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First Match Report


Jan 2011 - CLEVEDON GC


Feb 2012 - The WORLBURY GC

retion into Supermassive Black Holes, before tackling one of life’s perplexing questions, “when was Golf invented, and by whom?”.


Our ever helpful local Financial Adviser advised that the game of golf has a long and illustrious history, stretching back over five centuries.  Its origins where known to be from Eastern Scotland, during the 15th century, where players would hit pebbles with sticks around a natural course including hills, sand dunes, ponds and tracks (when it wasn’t raining that is…...).  However, the Landlord added that there were several contemporary games around the same time that were similar, including versions from Belgium and Holland, but the man with Mini digger for hire was quick to remind us all, that only the Scottish version included a Hole!.  The forum were in agreement that while these three stick-and-ball games might have originated from an even more ancient, single source, it's reasonably clear that the Scottish version was, and is, the direct precursor of modern-day golf.


Whilst discussing the finer attributes of Golf; Individualization, Sportsmanship, Sense of Belonging and the Sociability, there was a eureka moment between the closet golfers around the table...… there was a need for a village golf team! (and a round of fine ales to assist with the details which were about to be unfold).


Time was marching on.  The witching hour was upon us.  The lightweights had made their apologies and left, only to make way for Messer’s Jack and Daniels.  Ideas were now flowing thick and fast and when captured and summarized gave birth to,             ‘The Weston-in-Gordano Golf Society’ (or WiGGS for short).

It was a Monday night in March, just like any other.  With the little hand on nine and the big hand just leaving twelve, the usual suspects were in attendance sipping sparkling lemonade and devouring the odd packet of pork scratchings in the White Hart.  The next hour was spent discussing the effects of Dark Matter as a possible acc-

Over the next few days phone providers, Inboxes and social networking sites were overloaded as arrangements for the first game were underway.  The list of finely tuned athletes was growing.  All that was outstanding was a venue.  The Marquess course at Woburn was deemed unchallenging, the Twenty Ten course at Celtic Manor was shut for essential construction work for The Ryder Cup, and the Royal Lytham & St. Annes Golf Club was considered too far to travel to for the first WiGGS match.


A crisis meeting was called.  DOOM BAR® was ordered.

The pondering began.


Several ales later the answer was staring us in the face.  There was only one course around which offers an exciting challenge to golfers of all abilities and is considered one of the most picturesque courses in the South West, with outstanding views over the Severn estuary to the coastlines of Somerset, Devon and Wales.  Clevedon Golf Course would be the first venue to host the WiGGS.

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